Headshot 2Welcome and thanks for visiting. My name is Kasey Varga.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a pull toward serving parents and caregivers, couples, and individuals challenged by romantic relationship. I am open to those with alternative lifestyles and to non-traditional relationship configurations.

By definition, a Marriage and Family Therapist helps clients improve their ability to navigate relationships. I also hope to enhance your relationships, deepen them, strengthen them, and to inspire you to continually reflect on your own behavior.

I offer fifty minute (forty for children), weekly sessions at $135 with limited sliding scale slots available.

My training is vast and over the years I have seen clients from many ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and with a wide range of challenges. I have worked with children of all ages, adolescents in residential treatment, adults, families, and couples.

I am an artist in many regards and am trained in utilizing the arts (drama, music, fine arts, poetry, and otherwise) to add depth and variety to the therapeutic experience. I am also trained in Parenting by Connection, in the Solution Team approach to school bullying, and have supported an academic Social and Emotional Learning Program.  In addition, I have  facilitated groups to help children question gender stereotypes and develop greater empathy towards others.

I have conducted a thorough, yet perpetually incomplete investigation into the phenomenon of romantic love.

I offer clients an opportunity to reduce the stress in their lives due to conflict with others, the ability to manage strong emotions, and the possibility of increased effectiveness in academic and professional endeavors. One of the most important things I teach people is how to identify emotions and behaviors that are strongly rooted in their pasts. The ability to understand one’s actions and feelings can lead to more joy and less conflict in relationships.

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