SwirlingAs a therapist (and human being) I am most influenced by the following notions:

I believe we are largely shaped by our histories and that most conflict is stirred by unexpressed feelings from the past. When we are able to physically offload old hurts by crying, yelling, shaking, etcetera we become more clear. And when we can acknowledge and understand the true source of our emotional responses, we can navigate our relationships more honestly and become more effective people in the world.

I also believe that our impressions of ourselves and the world are often born out of our conditioning. Sometimes our mental story is actually our biggest problem and the solution lies in simply shifting the focus away from our thoughts and toward noticing the world through our senses. Placing our attention deliberately on felt experience can lead to a broader and a looser concept of “me” which has the potential to be more transformative than years upon years of self-investigation.

My approach is candid, intuitive, and flexible. I’ve been told that I’m unusually honest, and while holding firm professional boundaries, I’m likely to share about myself and my experience with you. I’m also willing to challenge your views and question your actions when I feel they don’t serve you. I see myself as a conduit towards growth rather than the instrument, and I will often navigate toward what I find most compelling, rather than toward what I can clearly understand. I am flexible in my strategy and enjoy incorporating the arts when words aren’t enough (relating to images and music, role plays, etcetera).

I bring humor, humility, and sensitivity into the room. I am open to your influence and critique–I recognize that I am also shaped and transformed through my relationship with you. I can often sense the emotions of those around me—I may feel you before I understand you. I’m not afraid of your dark places, nor am I offended by your secrets. I’m also quite passionate, and I’m not afraid to share my excitement.

I want to know as much of you as you’re willing to share. I want to help you discover pieces of you that you may not have met before. I am humbled by the inherent mysteries in life and willing to take a bumpy ride.  We can wind up in the most unexpected places.

I understand why many people are comforted by psychotherapeutic approaches that are easy to define and straightforward in their implementation. And while I recognize that many receive great benefit from these kinds of approaches, I find myself personally drawn to following you down the rabbit hole…